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Department of Economics

With its proud history and tradition, the Department of Economics at Konkuk University (KU) has produced graduates who have played a leading role in the economic growth of Korea and continues fostering experts able to take charge of Korea's future economic progression. The department is focused on developing broad-minded, rational experts who will determine the direction the Korean economy will take in future.

We believe that a competent and devoted teaching staff is the most important element in offering a high standard of education. Our department brings together academically recognized senior professors and younger professors equipped with excellent research skills. The faculty’s research abilities were recognized for their excellence in 2008 by the Korean Council for University Education (KCUE). Furthermore, we are inviting lecturers from around the globe to give students a broader vision. With the dynamic thinking, positive attitude and tireless efforts of our professors, along with the teacher-student, junior-senior mentoring environment, the Department of Economics at KU will continue to grow as a vibrant community.

The overall objective of the Department of Economics is to foster academic elites who will guide the course of the Korean economy in the midst of an ever-changing global economic environment. For this purpose, we have created an education system focused on the development of experts endowed with theoretical knowledge of all areas of economics and equipped with practical experience required by certain industries. Another objective is to foster rational thinkers with a sense of responsibility in regard to human dignity and our society at large through the strengthening of the bond between our professors and students in addition to the specialist knowledge provided by our well-organized academic curriculum.

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