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Department of Public Administration

The main educational objective of the Department of Public Administration at Konkuk University (KU) is to impart specialist knowledge and management techniques required by all serious and competent civil servants. We aim to develop future senior civil servants able to play a leading role in the reform of public sector administration and effectively promote national policies in response to new demands and environments of the information age. The department also offers units designed to meet the demand for personnel in the ever-growing non-profit sector, and is actively developing new and practical courses in response to the recent increase in the number of graduates who have gained employment in finance or media.

The Department of Public Administration aims to equip students with the expertise required to become scholars of public administration or senior policy decision-makers through research into several policy areas, among which include the natural environment, welfare, urban environment, science, technology and information. Students also gain a strong understanding of management techniques and the efficient allocation of human and physical resources required for operating public organizations.

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