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In addition to strengthening the moral character of students in terms of legal ethics for the purpose of raising the calibre of legal practitioners, Konkuk University’s (KU) Department of Law has long promoted the development of an optimal curriculum with a focus on its empirical traditions. The research department has been leading the efforts to attract external research services such as BK21 (Brain Korea 21), as well as playing a definitive role in research specialization and diversification, research team expansion, reinforcing the resource base for research activities, and stimulating activities at our legal research center.

In the area of external cooperation, the KU Department of Law has been actively engaged in international exchange involving students and professors from prestigious universities in the US, Japan and Europe, as well as the establishment of joint degrees and research programs. The department has also been pursuing the formation of partnerships with leading Korean law firms and legal organizations. Furthermore, we are adding an adequate number of full-time professors to the current number of 30, while we will expand our collection of legal publications to 100,000, the largest volume of its kind in Korea. Meanwhile, the department also striving to acquire legal research funds through solid fundraising efforts.

The objective of the Department of Law is to contribute to the development of a just society that defends human worth and dignity by fostering legal experts capable of raising the nation's competitiveness in the rapidly changing global era. This is achieved through in-depth research and a varied curriculum, by realizing the founding philosophy of the university – sincerity, fidelity, and righteousness – in the field of law and focusing on practical activities.

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