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Department of Philosophy

“Philosophy” means the love of wisdom. Thus, anyone who seeks knowledge, enlightenment and truth can become a philosopher. The Department of Philosophy at Konkuk University (KU) provides a variety of opportunities for our students to pursue their own careers. By learning how to philosophize, students build the foundations from which they can achieve their goals. While undergraduates study the basic themes in philosophy such as metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, and the history of Eastern and Western philosophy, those who are interested in advancing to a higher level of education may study law, sociology, psychology and theology as well as philosophy.

The Department of Philosophy aims to deepen students' understanding of the world and humanity through systematic and analytical observation of philosophical reasoning in the modern and traditional contexts of both East and West. This will form the basis for students to improve their philosophical introspection and to demonstrate a sense of creative intellectualism in regard to their personal and societal lives.

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