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Department of Chinese Language & Literature

The Department of Chinese Language and Literature at Konkuk University (KU) strives to create a sense of oneness between our gifted and passionate students and our devoted teaching staff. This aimed at developing a sense of human refinement within the students as well as rearing experts with a global vision capable of taking a leading role in the 21st century in which East Asia is at the center.

The faculty offers specialized education which enables students to gain an understanding of their aptitude and potential, while providing them with a range of experiences and opportunities to create their own realistic and defined goals. Our department’s ultimate objective is the provision of a curriculum designed to foster bright and pragmatic “liberal arts citizens” of the modern era. In order to achieve this objective, our thoroughly prepared lectures and array of language education programs – in addition to individual studies, mentor programs, counselling, and advisement – allow students to acquire specialized knowledge as well as to build character and talent in the liberal arts. Furthermore we actively promote the concept of lifelong education.

The Department of Chinese Language and Literature has two distinct educational objectives. The first, with a basis in the educational ideology and objectives of KU, is the development of experts with a global vision and firm knowledge of the liberal arts, the future leaders of East Asia. The second refers to the specialization of the department, which is focused on the development of future-oriented individuals who are proficient in the Chinese language and equipped with an understanding of Chinese culture, and also who are able to put their ideas into action to respond to the demands of today’s society.

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