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Department of Japanese Culture & Language

The objective of the Department of Japanese Culture and Language at Konkuk University (KU) is to promote a sense of synergy between students and professors by creating a collaborative research environment in addition to the fostering of students as future researchers and experts in Japanese language, culture, literature and Japanese language education. Academic events including summer and winter seminars, in addition to occasional guest lectures and seminars, are held to give students the chance to absorb various points of view and to assist in their development as researchers and experts in the field of Japanese studies.

The Department of Japanese Culture and Language aims to promote the development of active experts and researchers in the international society by offering study/research exchange opportunities with prominent universities. This is for the purpose of cultivating brilliant minds and leaders of international cultural exchange in East Asia in the 21st century. Another focus is placed on developing expert researchers capable of re-creating the culture of East Asia through a new curriculum combining the advancements of the 21st century with academic tradition in the fields of Japanese culture and Japanese language education. The creation of a new globally recognized postgraduate education will promote the research of Japanese cultural communication as a bridge connecting Korea, Japan, and the East Asian region

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