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Department of English Language & Literature

The Department of English Language and Literature has had a crucial role in Konkuk University’s (KU) mission of liberal arts education. The prominent faculty of our department cover a range of scholarly interests that are important topics for understanding language and literature. The courses mainly fall under three areas: literature, linguistics, and practical English. The literature curriculum consists of courses on poetry, novel, drama, criticism, and culture, while the linguistics curriculum deals with phonetics/phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and various parts of applied linguistics, focusing on the English language.

The primary goal of our education is to teach students to think and write critically, and to communicate ideas well. At the same time we try to inform students of the cultural heritage of the people who use English as their first language. Graduates of the Department of English find jobs in almost every sector of society, including colleges, international organizations, and the media.

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