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Department of Korean Language & Literature

The Department of Korean Language and Literature at Konkuk University (KU) fosters talented individuals capable of inheriting and creating Korean cultural traditions by adopting an attitude of creative awareness toward the Korean language. Students study and gain an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the Korean language as well as classical and modern literature. For this purpose, we undertake scientific research into the transformation and structure of the Korean language. In addition, we engage in contemplation and critique of classical and modern literary works embodying the thinking and awareness expressed in Korea as found in Korean literature. In addition, investigations are made into the ethnic characteristics of Korean literature through an analysis of its interactive relationship with foreign languages and cultures. In order to enable students to stand at the forefront of cultural development and for their own future academic success, we provide well-rounded education by taking full advantages of all characteristics of Korean literature. Moreover, we promote staff specialization and the strengthening of overall research capacity, while expanding the body of our highly qualified teaching staff.

The main educational objective of our department is to gain an understanding of and undertake systematic and specialized research on Korean language and literature. Investigation is made into the universality and identity of Korean ethnic culture through extensive, in-depth discussions and analytical research into the main areas of Korean language and literature, as well as associated environments and texts. We foster creative leaders in the humanities field who are able to pioneer the construction of an advanced, future-oriented forms of culture by exploring the existing aspects and usefulness of Korean language and literature.

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