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Department of Civil & Environmental Plant Engineering

The education system of the Department of Civil and Environmental Plant Engineering at Konkuk University (KU) is built on the unique incorporation of the five pillars of higher education in engineering: information technology, international perspective, innovation, integration (of environmental and social issues), and industrial partnership. Within this framework, our department's efforts are directed at establishing a holistic academic portfolio that spans not only the components of a traditional civil engineering curriculum, but also the integration of such subject areas into environment-related as well as agricultural civil engineering courses. The department's academic offerings lead to the conferment of the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) or Master of Science (MS) degrees.

The intensive program in civil environmental plant engineering has the following three objectives.

To foster conscientious civil environmental engineers with integrity and an understanding of professional, social and ethical issues.
To cultivate future-oriented, eco-friendly thinking for the sustainable development of civil environmental construction that responds to professional and social needs.
To foster pioneers of socially-based modernization through the development of students' analytical, planning and management skills based on engineering and scientific thinking.

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