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Department of Materials Chemistry & Engineering

The field of materials chemistry and engineering in the 21st century is both academically broad and possesses deep-rooted characteristics, while its very nature and core elements have a significant ripple effect on industry. The scope of the field is gradually expanding from materials related to IT, BT, ET, and NT, to areas involving the inter-industry fusion of these materials.

Master's and doctoral courses offered by the Konkuk University (KU) Department of Materials Chemistry & Engineering are categorized into the major fields of organic or non-organic materials. Students gain an understanding of the fundamental processes behind all materials and conduct research on materials related to IT, BT, ET and NT, as well as on product environment processes.

Our department’s objectives can be summarized as below.

  1. To foster engineers with creative research and application skills based a systematic understanding of fundamental knowledge and theories related to IT, BT, ET and NT.
  2. To inspire a sense of leadership in students, develop their understanding of professional ethics and social responsibility, and put such knowledge into action.
  3. To foster students' ability to meet the challenges of globalization and the information age ahead.
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