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Department of Architecture

The Department of Architecture of Konkuk University (KU) Graduate School is recognized as a leading department in Korea for its education system and conditions ideal for the development of architecture professions needed in various fields of our society. With a curriculum that broadens students’ understanding of major fields studied at the school, our department integrates both practical experience and research skills into its specialized education of architecture. We also boast the advantage of being able to study a range of relevant academic areas simultaneously, including architectural design, urban design and planning, residential environment, architectural environment/equipment, materials and construction, as well as architectural structures.

The graduate programs in architecture aim to foster specialized and practical professionals with area-specific expertise and broad minds. Focus is also made at improving the academic achievement and research abilities of each individual student through the adoption of a positive attitude toward the resolution of problems in addition to the process of improving the quality of life based on a human-centric philosophy and the practicality of architecture.

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