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Graduate Engineering

Department of Electronic, Information & Communication Engineering

The Department of Electronic, Information & Communication Engineering at Konkuk University (KU) consists of master's and doctoral programs. The master's program aims to develop students' research skills in new forms of content and related trends. Students improve their understanding of the more complex theories of electrical engineering and information and communication technology as they study design and analyze content. Building on the basic knowledge and applied skills learned in the undergraduate and master's programs, in-depth studies in the fields of electronics/communications and information are carried out in the doctoral program. The goal of the doctoral program is to nurture researchers with creativity and originality who can create research outcomes for an information age society.

Master's and PhD students can work as teaching or research assistants to receive tuition assistance and participate in research projects in partnership with the graduate laboratories of the Department of Electronic, Information & Communication Engineering. In addition, through industry-university-research joint research projects, master's and doctoral students can gain practical experience necessary for the research process and have ample opportunities to utilize new research equipment provided by companies and research institutes.

The educational goal of our department is to train competent experts in the field of electronics/information communication who can make a significant contribution to the information age. This is achieved through broad understanding of related fields and the development of students' abilities to creatively solve complex problems in these fields.

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