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Graduate Engineering

Department of Industrial Engineering

Industrial engineering aims to foster professionals able to maximize the productivity and efficiency of systems through their scientific design, operation, and improvement, which comprise humans, goods, equipment and information from all sectors of society, all based on the knowledge of engineering and management science-based thinking. It is also an academic area which looks into ways we can control and direct the various fields of industrial systems. Industrial engineering could be personified as the field commander leading his troop or “industry” to victory in battle, the editor who revises the articles of many of his reporters at the “industry” daily newspaper, the baseball coach who puts his players wearing the “industry” team uniform in the right fielding positions and batting order, or as the conductor of the “industry” orchestra.

The Department of Industrial Engineering at Konkuk University (KU) has the objective of developing excellent communication skills and management science-based thinking needed for the maximization of productivity and efficiency of systems that integrate humans, resources, equipment and information. For this purpose, it is our mission to produce outstanding professionals capable of demonstrating leadership abilities in areas related to the development of our future society.

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