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Department of Moving Image

The Department of Moving Image at the Konkuk University (KU) Graduate School is where the experts of the moving image field are made. We foster creative production personnel who will play key roles in the planning and creation of content for the Korean moving image industry in the new era; furthermore, we cultivate the expertise and creativity in students so that they can produce moving image content in new environments. Students experience a wide range of mediums, from traditional ones to those of the multiplatform age. Our students' future-oriented diversity and potential are expanded through creative mediums based on endless experimentations and an emphasis on each student’s individuality.

The present age is one of creativity and emotion as well as a venue for culture consumption. The significance of the cultural content industry in the 21st century cannot be overemphasized. As people look for new and different forms of entertainment, along with the strengthening of intellectual property protection, economic globalization and the emergence of a knowledge-based economy founded on information and communications technology (ICT), the status and importance of the culture industry are rising quickly. Our department aims to build an educational infrastructure that draws both local and international students of excellence, as well as develop content providers able to compete in the global content market.

Graduates of the Moving Image program have gone on to successful careers as competitive content providers, programmers as well as visual/media artists, media critics, instructors and professionals in the industry.

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