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Department of Living Design

The purpose of living design is to enhance the quality of life through various materials, designs, arts and crafts. The Department of Living Design at Konkuk University (KU) has developed and implemented a practical curriculum to foster designers and artists for various industries.

The department equips students with the knowledge and techniques they need to visually enrich lifestyle environments and develop new materials and designs demanded. The program’s main goal is the fostering of professionals active in a range of fields including textiles, ceramics and metals. We build students' levels of creativity and aesthetics for the efficient application of various expressive materials and techniques in the expanded conceptual context of contemporary design.

The living design department concentrates on studying and creating on chosen majors including textiles, ceramics and metals which has evolved into a basic element of human life. This academic field builds an understanding of the relationships among the nature of designs and arts which have been incorporated into manufacturing, service and culture. The field also develops the characteristics of arts and design for the enrichment of society. The objective is to contribute to social and cultural development by suggesting new forms of value, based on the fields of art and design and the incorporation of elements of art, technology, and the humanities. The courses allow students to demonstrate their competencies in regard to rational design development and planning in order to meet the demands of modern life. Finally, the curriculum offers educational programs designed to achieve the objective of fostering artists, designers, business managers, administrators, and educators based on the needs of the contemporary era.

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