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Department of Design

Visual Communication Design
The Department of Visual Communication Design aims to develop synesthetic creativity which integrates thinking and information through interdisciplinary convergence, and further foster communication design professionals with internatonal competitiveness beyond the limitations of new content development and individual areas. In addition to comprehension of various study areas including humanities, culture and technology, the Department offers theoretical education and practical training of integrated communication design using a number of medias to cope with environmental changes such as social · cultural trend and demand. Based on creative thinking skills and innovative problem-solving skills,the Department shares a curriculum to train talented communication designers.

Design Planning and Curation
The Department of Design Planning and Curation newly explores and expands the role of design while challenging the existing perception of design. The power of design is no longer soley related to existing method of objects, space, image and new media at an individual level, but it can rather create new values by discovering possibility and establishing new relationships. The role of design should be critical as technology develops and society becomes diversified. In these circumstances, the Department aims to develop literacy and curation skills of social system, network, technology and culture, and foster talents who will create the new value of design. Based on various theoretical education and design practices, the Department pursues talents in design contents, design experiences, design culture, design branding by developing design planning and curation skills.

Design Product
With the evolution of products and services by digital technology and the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution, the role of design is being emphasized leading innovation in industry and society. After Bauhaus, the function and form-oriented design of the product requires the integration of society, culture, and technology in accordance with changes in the market environment where products, contents and services converge. The process of design is developed into an organic process that goes beyond comgining functions and forms. It identifies essential problems through creative approaches, analyzes users' desires based on humanities and create an actual form by using digital technology. Due to the antagonism of digital technology development, the original meaning of human emotion and objects is becoming significant, thus, basic components of objects are also increasing. In order to deal with fundamental changes in design thinking, the Department aims to train design experts for convergence society by combining the formative ability, socio-cultural meaning of products and market-oriented approaches.

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