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Department of Global Business

The Department of Global Business was established in March 2011 with the purpose of attracting international students and research personnel, fostering global-minded professionals, as well as developing and implementing a curriculum related to globalization. The department aims to foster talent individuals with both knowledge and personality, who will become specialists in international commerce tailored specifically to China. For this purpose, we run a range of specialized undergraduate programs.

  1. We train individuals bilingual in both English and Chinese. Our aim is to develop a sense of global mindedness in our students through proficiency in perhaps the two most important languages of the age of globalization.
  2. We offer specialized majors in Chinese commerce and management. These majors are designed to adapt students to the age of Chinese expansion at the same time as the trends of globalization and informatization, which require a multidisciplinary knowledge of economics, trade, and business administration. Students not only gain a multidisciplinary knowledge of international commerce, but also undertake a specialized study of Chinese economics and commerce.
  3. We provide the fundamental Chinese language education required for the attainment of dual degrees through the running of intensive programs in Chinese (including local study programs)
    • New HSK program (during the semester)
    • Education for students preparing to become Chinese language specialists: intensive courses featuring China experts invited from prestigious Korean universities and organizations (KOTRA, KIEP, leading experts employed at top universities, etc.), provided solely for the students of the Division of International Studies
    • 4-6 week local language program (held in the summer or winter holidays during the first year).
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