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Undergraduate College of Global Integrated Studies

Division of Interdisciplinary Studies

Established in 2009, the Division of Interdisciplinary Studies at Konkuk University (KU) aims to foster global interdisciplinary talent. In 2015, there are plans to change its official title to the Division of Fusion Talent, which will offer two major programs; one in Public Sector Talent, and another in Science Talent. As its greatest feature, the division has developed the educational courses necessary for the development of public sector and science talent, along with fusion and multidisciplinary major courses.

In their second year, students take the fundamental courses in the area of social studies, in addition to fundamental and advanced education courses. The Public Sector Talent major is comprised of the courses students require to gain work as high level civil servants in the areas of administration, law, and diplomacy. For the Public Sector Talent major, we offer teacher-student contact programs designed for the development of patent attorneys, civil servants in technical posts, and expert researchers in technology fusion. One of our greatest features, in addition to running fusion/multidisciplinary courses providing academic knowledge on various areas, is delivering the majority of courses in their original language in order to gain a global outlook. In order to provide talented students with this tailored form of education, full time professors from the fields of law, philosophy, engineering, and the natural sciences among others are commitment to the guidance of students.

The objective of the division is to foster the leaders of tomorrow, who possess interdisciplinary knowledge in a range of fields including the humanities, law, the natural sciences and engineering. In more specific terms, in the Public Sector Talent Major, we aim to develop experts equipped with knowledge of both law and administration. Meanwhile the Science Talent Major intends to produce experts with knowledge of the fields of law, the natural sciences, and engineering.

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