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Undergraduate College of Engineering

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

  • Location : Room 1105, Engineering Building A
  • Website : http://ee.konkuk.ac.kr
  • Tel. : 02-450-3478, 3488
  • Fax : 02-457-8895

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering is an academic field of all industries regarding electrical energy, a driving froce of national industry and welfare, as well as basic theories and applied technologies of information and communication industry, semiconductors and electronics industry and control and automation sectors. The area is also a strong foundation for implementation of renewable energy technology and electrical information communication. Based on students' free choice, the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering cultivates practical and competitive talents in modern society through education and research of basic theory, design/manfucaturing technology and operation technology. The related technologies of the area include facility automation, intelligence, energy efficiency, high precision and quality, productivity improvement, production/distribution/comsumption technology of electrical and renewable energy, cutting edge devices for better human life, automation and informatization of infrastructure, and applied technologies of computer and information and communication systems.

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