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Department of Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering is an academic field which studies the fundamental theories and application techniques in the industries of controls, automobile parts, semiconductors, electronics and IT, in addition to industries related to electrical energy. Electrical engineering is the foundation for the materialization of the focal points of 21st century energy, namely new and renewable energy technologies and smart grid.

The Department of Electrical Engineering at Konkuk University (KU) produces pragmatic and competitive professionals for modern society through study and research conducted into basic theories, design/production and operating technologies. Student electives include the automation of equipment, intelligent equipment, efficient energy use, high precision and high quality, productivity improvements, technologies for the creation/distribution/consumption of new and renewable forms of energy, cutting-edge lifestyle devices for improving the quality of life, the automation and informatization of social infrastructure, as well as application techniques for IT systems and computers.

Our department provides opportunities including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Learn theories on electrical engineering based on the fundamental theories of the discipline
  2. Develop knowledge, skills and thinking related to the field able to be applied on-site as an electrical engineering professional
  3. Develop the ability to utilize the theories and application techniques of electrical engineering in a comprehensive manner
  4. Develop personal qualities as a competent member of industrial society possessing both specialist knowledge and a sense of responsibility

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