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Department of Aerospace Information Engineering

The Department of Aerospace Information Engineering at Konkuk University (KU) conducts research on fusion technology encompassing aerospace, IT and systems engineering, looking also at the design, manufacture and performance of aerospace electronics and electronics engineering. In addition, we undertake research related to the design, analysis, and theory of flight of aircraft in the atmosphere or in space (planes, rockets, spacecraft, satellites etc.). In the 21st century, the importance of new technology innovation utilizing fusion technologies has gained attention as a new paradigm in the fusion of technologies has strengthened. Meanwhile, IT technologies for present aerospace information systems and future advanced aircraft have also become extremely important. In light of this, the department endeavors to produce creative, world-class professionals by way of cutting-edge, practical lectures and a focus on the R&D of aerospace information systems befitting our ubiquitous society.

Our graduates find work in a range of fields based on aerospace systems engineering, such as IT-related enterprises dealing with autonomous intelligent systems, automobile firms, aircraft electronics, and mechatronics, as well as firms involved in the development and operation of aerospace vehicles. Our students are also able to continue on to graduate studies and conduct world-class research in the field.

The objective of the intensive program in aerospace information systems engineering is to foster outstanding aerospace professionals possessing both advanced IT skills and the ability to take a leading role in the creative development of practical technologies in fields related to aerospace information systems.

We are focused on achieving the following several objectives. 1) Expand students' base knowledge as engineers and academic foundations 2) Develop students' systematic knowledge of the major theories of aerospace information systems as well as their design application skills 3) Develop students' abilities in regard to future-oriented ST/IT fusion technologies and system design

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