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Department of Teacher Education

The Department of Teacher Education at Konkuk University (KU) offers its future educators with academic environments promoting the best practices in teaching and learning. Furthermore, the department has worked hard to assist future educators in becoming reflective and creative teachers. We provide various courses required for future educators, enabling them to acquire their teaching certifications.

Department Distinctions
  • Our future educators develop excellent qualifications as teachers by participating in the reflective writing course. The reflective writing course was designed by the faculty based on various empirical research outcomes and has assisted future educators engage in self-reflection, critical inquiry, and creative endeavors.
  • Our future educators acquire the best practices in teaching and learning, by working with local teachers and other professionals. Teachers from the local community are regularly invited to share their best practices with our students, and the department has constantly collaborated with the local teachers to establish practical teacher preparation courses.
  • Our future educators learn about culturally responsive strategies in order to provide for the individual needs of all learners by attending courses on multiculturalism. Our future educators are expected to understand and embrace diversity due to the increasing number of students with multicultural backgrounds.
  • Our future educators gain diverse field experience and build ethical working behaviors. The department has established collaborative relationships with many local secondary schools in order to provide such varied field experiences. Future educators are required to undergo three-semester field experiences and learn work ethics from their practices.
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