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Department of English Education

The Department of English Education at Konkuk University (KU) explores how native speakers of English use the language, their sets of values, and behavioral patterns. Courses offered by the department include an examination of the theoretical foundations of English education and practical courses that transfer student's knowledge of English into oral proficiency. Courses are also available that look at methods for the utilization of computers, various forms of media, and visual material in English education, as well as the opportunity to conduct presentations and discussions on various issues and issues of specialization. We thoroughly prepare our students to achieve their dream of becoming English instructors by assisting them in their preparations for the teacher qualification examination. We achieve this by raising the English proficiency of each and every student through the provision of intense courses with small class sizes.

The department's objective is to foster middle and high school English instructors, as well as English language education professionals, who possess both proficiency in the language and the ability to teach it. Such abilities are based on an understanding of English linguistics, a sound character, and a commitment to teaching.

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