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Department of Educational Technology

The future-oriented Department of Educational Technology at Konkuk University (KU) fosters the development of experts able to assume a lead role in future education and take responsibility for devising information-centric, modern, and advanced educational methods. Such methods are designed to maximize effectivity and efficiency in an era of increasing demand for educational reform, coinciding with the introduction of lifelong, open, and multimedia forms of education.

Our primary objective is the development and strengthening of expertise in the application of cutting edge technology, as well as insight into educational technology R&D at a range of educational institutions that provide both regular and lifelong educational courses. In addition, we aim to develop leading educational professionals at the forefront of the educational information era, who possess the ability to utilize multimedia study materials or develop educational computer programs demanded by the information age.

    In summary, the general objectives of the Department of Educational Technology are as follows:
  • Cultivate leading educational professionals able to meet the demands of the educational information era.
  • Equip professional human resources development staff for the private sector
  • Train individuals with relevant qualifications who are able to develop, implement, and evaluate lifelong education programs
  • Foster information technology specialists
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