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Department of Mathematics Education

The main goal of the Department of Mathematics Education at Konkuk University (KU) is to foster young leaders with a humanitarian background in the area mathematics education; who are able to help themselves grow as men of character with the three virtues and founding philosophy of the university − sincerity, fidelity and righteousness. To achieve such a goal, we emphasize not only creativity, but also the extra-curricular activities of students both in and outside the classroom. By offering an intensive and interactive curriculum, we have been able to maintain a high-quality institute for the training of future teachers.

Mathematical analysis, abstract algebra, number theory, topology, complex analysis, differential geometry, and combinatorics are requisite courses for majors in Mathematics. For mathematics education:, educational methodology in mathematics, mathematics test review, mathematical logic and composition, and teaching in practice are offered as required courses. All of our future teachers acquire not only professional knowledge of mathematical science, but also efficient teaching skills through the presentation of mathematics-related topics in class and preparation of actual junior high school classes by themselves under the guidance of professors.

Statistics indicate that the Department of Mathematics Education at KU is one of the leading departments in Korea in regard to the employment rate of secondary school mathematics teachers. The ratio of graduates who successfully obtain teaching positions in public or private schools to the number of freshmen exceeds more than 60% each year. The department also encourages students to pursue a double major, which has led to an increase of graduates with double majors. This policy has also resulted in more graduates obtaining additional teaching certifications in addition to finding work in other areas such as banks, public institutions, and insurance companies.

Our department prepares students to become certified to teach mathematics at the 7-12 grade level (i.e., middle and high schools). In order to produce outstanding and creative mathematics instructors, educational courses in areas of mathematics such as learning psychology in mathematics, curriculum and evaluation, and planning and designing instruction are provided, in addition to courses on pure and applied mathematics. Information Technology courses are also provided in response to the changing nature of society.

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