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Department of Japanese Language Education

The Department of Japanese Language Education at Konkuk University (KU) has the objective of developing its students into uniquely talented and warm-hearted teachers. Since the establishment of the department in 1974, many graduates have gone on to work in various fields, such as major companies, the media, as well as educational & financial institutions. In particular, many graduates have entered the field of educational following the introduction of Japanese language to the middle school curriculum.

The department's teaching staff is eager to train students to become experts through its master's & doctorate (Ph.D.) courses offered at the graduate school and graduate school of education.

Based on Konkuk’s founding principles of sincerity, fidelity, and righteousness, the department strives to foster both Japanese language instructors and Japan regional experts who are open minded, creative, have character, and capable of adapting to the age of information and globalization. For this purpose, we look to develop our students' personalities as educators through creativity and human-centered education, and have designed academic courses that evenly encompass the areas of Japanese language, culture, history, and society. Our primary aim, apart from the systematic study of Japanese language and its education, as well as Japanese literature and culture, is to foster competent Japanese language instructors and Japan regional experts through practical activities and the creation of courses linked to actual educational institutes.

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