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Department of Applied Statistics

Statistics is a core academic field in the study of general theories and methodology related to the collection of data, its analysis, and consequent predictions with a basis in quantitative analytical methods. Statistical methodology is applied as the main research method in the academic fields of economics, business administration, social and political sciences, medicine, and engineering, It is also widely utilized in everyday life in situations requiring rational decision-making based on data gathered via surveys or experiments. In particular, the study of statistics is gaining focus in regard to the increased importance of the analysis of data and utilization of information in modern society, while the demand for statistics experts is rising exponentially.

The educational objective of the Department of Applied Statistics at Konkuk University (KU) is the development of competent statistics experts required by the commercial sector, with the ability to adapt to information-based environments that emerge in all areas of modern society. Our curriculum is focused on developing students' capacity to respond to certain environments and their ability to analyze all forms of data, In addition, students learn information processing techniques, allowing them to collect information via surveys and experiments, summarize, evaluate, and make informed decisions about the collected information based on the fundamental concepts of statistics.

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