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Consumer Information Science Major

Consumer information science studies the theories and practices required for the improvement of consumer welfare, the creation of a healthy consumer culture, as well as for consumer-oriented production and consumption. In particular, as consumption expands to encompass production, culture and image in society, it becomes more than just means of satisfying needs. Consumption has gained the increased focus in just about every field, and has become an issue of high importance to modern society.

The Consumer Information Science Major at Konkuk University (KU), researches consumer decision-making in relation to the rational distribution, management and usage of consumer resources and acquisition of income by acknowledging the importance of consumers and produces as importance factors in market economies. The major's objective is to promote consumer welfare and the efficient consumption by searching for solutions to consumer issues that arise in these processes. We aim to foster consumer-focused marketers, as well as entrench fair trading practices by companies linked to production and consumption in market economies.

A further objective of the major is to cultivate international experts in the area of consumption capable of adapting to global changes, as well as consumer finance management and consumption finance experts. In addition, we foster the development of consumer trends analysts with creative thinking capable of developing a healthy culture of consumption, in addition to experts in consumer administration and policy who contribute to the creation of value in regard to consumer policy, pioneer consumer culture, and promote consumer profit and welfare.

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