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Department of International Trade

International trade, as a multidisciplinary field encompassing the global economy (international trade theory, international financial theory, regional studies, and international resource theory), the global management (international management, international marketing, international finance, and foreign investment), and global trade (the practice of trade, electronic trade, international commerce), is necessary for the formation of global experts and leaders in the age of globalization. As the complexity and diversity of international society deepens and international commerce increases in importance, the multi-disciplinary nature of the academic field of international trade has become one of its strong points.

As an advanced and specialized academic program, the Department of International Trade at Konkuk University (KU) has actively responded to changes in society such as its increasing complexity and globalization, and with its future-oriented vision will continue to pave the way in multi-disciplinary education. The Department of International Trade has brought together teaching staff from various academic fields and backgrounds, providing a multi-disciplinary curriculum capable of meeting the wide-ranging academic and educational needs of its students. The department has been official recognized as number one in the field of international trade (international commerce) in Korea.

Our department’s objective is the development of experts able to lead to age of globalization and intellectuals with multi-disciplinary knowledge from a range of academic fields including international economics, management, and administration. The department also aims to foster creative talent with practical skills and theoretical knowledge acquired through education tailored to the student. With our specialized, multi-disciplinary educational approach designed with a focus on students and as the leading department in our academic field in Korea, we aim to reinforce our present position and offer a world-class standard of education.

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