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Department of Economics

The field of economics develops an understanding of market rules and looks at ways to solve problems related to economic growth, stability, and the distribution of income based on this knowledge. Economics is one of the oldest fields of the social sciences, and has established an elaborate theoretical system that could be referred to as the pride of the social sciences. Through the decision-making of households, businesses and government policies, economic theories are both validated and improved upon. Economics could even be called a practical academic field in light of the continual demand it receives for solutions to real-life economic issues. The Department of Economics at Konkuk University (KU) is focused on providing education that emphasizes theoretical and empirical analysis methods and the capacity to apply such methods. We strive to foster broad-minded and rational professionals capable of playing a leading role in determining the direction of the Korean economy.

The program’s objective is to foster experts who will guide the course of the Korean economy in the midst of an ever-changing global economic environment. For this purpose, we focus on the development of professionals endowed with theoretical knowledge of all areas of economics as well as practical experience required by certain industries. We aim at fostering rational thinkers with a sense of responsibility in regard to human dignity and our society at large by strengthening the bond between professors and students and the imparting of specialist knowledge.

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