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Undergraduate College of Business Administration

Department of Business Administration

  • Location : Room 210, Business Administration Building
  • Website : http://biz.konkuk.ac.kr/
  • Tel. : 02)450-3628~9
  • Fax : 02)450-4141

Business administration, an academic field that studies the outcomes of administration methods in organizations, is perhaps the most important and practical area for students preparing for the future. The demand for administrators with professional expertise is growing in line with rapid changes in both local and foreign business administration environments. The field itself places an importance on the study and application of expert knowledge required in the management of organizations and analysis of administration methods utilized by the constituents of corporate organizations. In particular, we look at the organization of personnel, international management, accounting, finance, marketing, management strategies, and an analysis of the enterprises that manufacture the products and services we use every day.

The objective of the Department of Business Administration at Konkuk University (KU), is to foster management professionals with a strong ethical awareness, sense of leadership, practical problem-solving ability, and global mindset, able to positively influence the community at large and adapt to changes in business environments with flexibility.

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