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The College of Architecture at Konkuk University (KU) is recognized as a leading school in Korea, well known for its education system and conditions ideal for the development of architecture professions needed in various fields of our society. In particular, the 2+4 year architectural design major linked to the graduate school allows students to complete all relevant courses required to become an architect. The undergraduate program also boasts the advantage of being able to study a range of related academic areas simultaneously, including design, architecture, urban design and planning, as well as dwellings. The college takes pride in possessing its own building equipped with pleasant study spaces, as well as in its high-quality teaching staff active in all major fields. One of the school's biggest assets is the body of over 4,500 architectural professionals it has produced since its founding as the Department of Architectural Engineering of the College of Engineering in 1970.

The objective of the Architectural Design Engineering Major at KU is to educate architects who understand architecture and cities, possessing both practical and research abilities related to architecture. The major aims to develop architects with academic knowledge and specialist practical skills through interconnected programs related to the field of architecture, as well as practical training and specialist education that meets the standards of international architect development programs. In this major, students gain an understanding of fundamental principles and methods such as architectural design methods and techniques, as well as the basic direction and approaches of architectural planning and design. We also nurture students' ability to develop ideas through the application of architectural design theories, while providing systematic education design to deepen their understanding of architecture by assessing architectural design processes.

The Architectural Engineering Major covers the technical parts of architecture such as building structures, construction materials and methods, and building environments and systems. It also includes basic courses on architectural planning and design to complement the comprehensiveness of architecture. The aim of this major is to cultivate systematic and creative design ability among students to keep up with the needs of the times, apply their abilities relevant to advanced technology in the architectural industry, and adapt their abilities to suit the rapidly changing construction industry.

Since 2006, the Housing Environment Major was added to the Konkuk University (KU) College of Architecture as a new academic major. This enabled the College to expand its academic scope and create unique programs which differentiate it from other universities. The 4,500 strong alumni of KU College of Architecture are already participating in every part of society, including some who even completed three graduate school courses. This major takes a holistic approach to the field of architecture by sharing basic courses with architectural design and architectural engineering majors to increase their understanding of the aspects of physical hardware. By doing so, it has promoted a synergy effect by maintaining reciprocal communication between these two majors. It focuses on the relationship between people and housing environments by approaching various aspects of residential life and residential environments considering regional, cultural, historical, social, welfare and political points of view. Through the course programs established in this major, students can attain the goal of receiving an integrated education of design, plan, evaluation, and management of housing to learn the way to create balance between people, nature, and housing environments. The major aims to eventually cultivate capable students who will create new housing environments which the current and future housing markets and industry are in need of.

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