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Konkuk University Medical Center


Since its humble beginning as the People’s Hospital in the early 1930s, Konkuk University Medical Center (KUMC) has been providing care to patients for over 80 years. In August 2005, the hospital took a step forward with a new, modern building. The 875-bed facility has 13 floors above ground and four underground. In March 2011, KUMC received accreditation from the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare. The hospital was certified as a “Health Promoting Hospital” by the World Health Organization four months later. In December of the same year, it was also recognized by the Korean government as a Senior Medical Center specializing in advanced medical treatment, particularly for cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Extensive Research Capacity

The state-of-the-art general hospital is capable of providing various exams, diagnoses, and treatment all in one location. Latest diagnostic technologies and treatment, such as PET-CT, Dual Source CT, 3T-MRI, and MDCT, are available, and medical students, doctors, and researchers also benefit from working side-by-side.

Cancer Centers at KUMC

KUMC operates six centers dedicated to studying breast cancer, gynecologic cancer, colorectal cancer, gastric cancer, lung cancer, and thyroid cancer.


The hospital is easily accessible by public transportation from downtown Seoul with direct connection to the Konkuk University Station on Line 2 and Line 7. Visitors can take the escalator from Exit 3 to reach the hospital’s basement level. There are also several bus stops nearby.

Lunchtime Concerts

Between 12-1 p.m., patients and visitors can enjoy a musical concert staged in the rest area on the basement level. More than 1,300 concerts were held since the first performance on September 16, 2005.

Healthcare Center

In August 2005, KUMC launched the Healthcare Center to provide premium medical checkup services. Staffed by dedicated KUMC doctors and equipped with cutting-edge medical devices and technologies, such as PET-CT, dual source CT, 3.0 tesla MRI, transnasal endoscopy, and RFID, the Healthcare Center offers highly accurate medical exams and diagnoses as well as one-on-one counseling.

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International Healthcare Center.

In 2010, KUMC opened the International Clinic for foreign patients, especially international faculty and students at Konkuk.

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Contact Information

Main switchboard: 1588-1533
Emergency room: +82-2-2030-5555

For information, please visit KUMC’s website.

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