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Organization Administrative Offices

Konkuk University (KU) is committed to providing the best academic and social environment possible to international students, faculty, and visitors. For any of your questions or concerns, please contact or visit a relevant administrative office.

Employment Hub

Location & Contact Information
Location Student Union Building, Room 204 Tel. +82-2-450-3223
Fax +82-2-450-5381
  • Providing career counseling
  • Planning and management of employment-related courses
  • Konkuk Elite Program
  • Career fairs
  • Employment-related publications
  • Company presentations

Career Development Hub

Location & Contact Information
Location Student Union Building, Room 204-1 Tel +82-2-450-0564
Fax +82-2-450-0652
  • Planning, operation and management of career path and employment-related cultural classes
  • Dean’s employment system
  • Career path and promotion of planning program
  • Publishing career brochures

Start-up Hub

Location & Contact Information
Location Chang-ui Building, Room 313 Tel +82-2-450-3278
Fax +82-2-450-5381
  • Development and operation of programs for finding and training students (preliminary) founders
  • Support start up-friendly bachelor's system operation
  • Attract and support businesses related to domestic and foreign entrepreneurship
  • Management and Operation of Student Entrepreneurship Club
  • Support start-ups, statistics management, and promote best practices
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