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Konkuk at a Glance Konkuk Identity

University Seal

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The university seal is reserved for formal, high-profile events, such as commencement and convocation, as well as official communication. It represents Konkuk’s foundation, history, and tradition.

Meaning of Symbols
  • Konkuk University Museum
  • Ilgam Lake and the year of establishment
  • Light shines from the Konkuk University Museum, the building in which the Chosun School of Politics was founded, to symbolize KU’s continued development
  • The ox characterizes the Konkuk community’s energetic leap forward
  • Each letter of the university motto “誠 (Sincerity), 信 (Fidelity), and 義 (Righteousness)” is printed on three books to represent determination to pass down the virtues
  • The letters “K” and “U” are relatively larger to show connection with Konkuk wordmarks.

Communication Mark Communication Mark, Korean Communication Mark, English Communication Mark, Chinese

The three wordmarks are most strongly associated with Konkuk University by both internal and external audiences. The dark green background represents Konkuk’s academic and historic foundation as well as the past and future of the university. The light green rectangle expresses future-oriented leadership.

University Flower
Magnolia (Lily Tree, Yulan Magnolia)
  • Binomial Name : Magnolia denudata
  • Meaning : grandeur, beauty
University Tree
Neutinamu (Sawleaf Zelkova, Elm-like Tree)
  • Binomial Name : Zelkova serrata
  • Meaning : longevity, service
University Song
  • Lyrics by: Il-mun Jo (8th President of KU)
  • Composed by: Hongpil Lee

University Song

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