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KU’s Worldwide Partnership

As of December 23, 2020, Konkuk University has a network of 649 partner
universities in 69 countries around the world. To see the complete list of
Konkuk’s partner institutions, please click the link below

☞ List of KU Partner Universities and Institutions

KU’s International Programs

International Students at Konkuk

Konkuk offers extensive courses in English, and international students also have many opportunities to learn Korean culture and language by mingling with their Konkuk classmates. Hence, a diverse group of international students study at Konkuk every semester. In the spring semester of 2021, more than 1,370 undergraduate students were pursuing their undergraduate degrees at Konkuk. There were an additional 102 participants in Konkuk’s exchange and visiting student programs during the same period. Approximately, 300 students also came to Konkuk for short-term summer/winter programs in 2019.

Konkuk Students Abroad

Every year, Konkuk students go abroad through various study abroad programs offered by the Office of International Affairs. The students broaden their perspectives and enhance their foreign language skills and understanding of different cultures. In 2020, Konkuk hosted exchange and visiting students from 30 countries, including students from Stony Brook University in the United States, Universidade Federal Fluminense in Brazil, Sciences Po Grenoble in France, University of Münster in Germany, University of Groningen in the Netherlands, Orebro University in Sweden, University of Southern Denmark in Denmark, Chuo University in Japan, and City University of Hong Kong.

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