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President Greetings


Sanggi Min, Ph.D.
President, Konkuk University

With Tradition and Innovation, Konkuk Will Win the Respect of the Korean People at its Centennial

“Konkuk will travel the uncharted course. We will provide our students with innovative education, support their careers by fostering entrepreneurship, and work with the private sector to contribute to the society. Here at Konkuk we strive to become the paragon of higher education in Korea.”

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When celebrating the 70th anniversary of Konkuk University in 2016, we had the opportunity to look back at its history. Mr. Il-woo Yoo, the father of Konkuk’s founder Dr. Seok-chang Yoo, fought for Korea’s independence from the Japanese colonial rule. Dr. Yoo himself opened a hospital for underprivileged Koreans in 1931. We at Konkuk cherish this legacy.

We hope to meet Konkuk’s 100th year by balancing tradition and innovation. We will introduce pioneering educational methods and support creative research. Konkuk will become a center for innovation to the private sector and a strong player in terms of student employment and startups. Student satisfaction is our top priority, and we hope that students will gain the most out of their Konkuk education. Our ultimate goal is to win the respect of the global community.

None of these goals are easy to reach. Yet, we will brave the road not taken. We hope that at Konkuk’s centennial, we have had transformed from a fairly good university to a truly exceptional one.

Mr. Yoo and Dr. Yoo pursued sincerity, fidelity, and righteousness, and contributed to the rebuilding of the nation through education. Konkuk will take up new challenges amidst an uncertain future as we simply cannot exist without innovative solutions to such challenges.

This is the Konkuk I promise to you at its centennial—a university that helps its students design their future, a university that supports career development and startups, a university that promotes both basic and applied research, a university that contributes to the local and global communities, and a university that gains the deep respect of the people. I will endeavor to deliver this promise, and I hope you join us in our journey.

Thank you.

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