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Chairperson Welcome Message

Yoo Jaeun Chairperson
Konkuk University Foundation

Since its founding upon the values of "Sincerity (성, 誠), Fidelity (신, 信) and Righteousness (의, 義),” Konkuk University has played an important role in Korea’s development by raising leaders. The late Dr. Seok-chang Yoo established a small non-profit hospital and the university in 1931 and 1946, respectively, to serve the people and the country, and Konkuk is carrying on this legacy as a comprehensive private university.

Against this background, the Konkuk University Foundation has focused on capacity building through aggressive large-scale infrastructure projects at the turn of the century and shifted the paradigm in university administration as we open a new chapter in history. I hope that we can work together to so that the university can make a greater contribution for the future of humanity.

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