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Overview Main Campus (Seoul)


120 Neungdong-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, Korea (05029)

Contact Information

Tel: +82-2-450-3114

Campus Map

campus map

  • 1. Administration Bldg.
  • 2. Business Administration Bldg.
  • 3. Sanghuh Hall
  • 4. Education Science Bldg.
  • 5. Art & Design Bldg.
  • 6. Konkuk Language Institute
  • 7. University Museum
  • 8. Law School Bldg.
  • 9. Sanghuh Memorial Library
  • 10. Biomedical Science Bldg.
  • 11. Life Science Bldg.
  • 12. Animal Science Bldg.
  • 13. Admissions & Information Technology Bldg.
  • 14. Industry-University Cooperation Bldg.
  • 15. Veterinary Medicine Bldg.
  • 16. New Millennium Hall
  • 17. Architecture Bldg.
  • 18. Hae-Bong Real Estate Bldg.
  • 19. Liberal Arts Bldg.
  • 20. Student Union Bldg. A
  • 21. Engineering Bldg.
  • 22. New Engineering Bldg.
  • 23. Science Bldg.
  • 24. Chang-ui Bldg.
  • 25. International House
  • 26. KU:L House (Student Dormitory)
  • 27. Woojeongwon for Human Resources
    Development (Under Construction)
  • 28. Konkuk University Middle School
  • 29. Konkuk University High School
  • 30. Konkuk University Medical Center
  • A. Greenhouse
  • B. Life Science Bldg. Annex
  • C. Founder's Statue
  • D. Future Alternative Energy Bldg.
  • E. Fraunhofer ISE Next Generation Solar Cell Research
  • F. Ox Statue
  • G. Cheongsimdae
  • H. Hongyegyo Bridge
  • I. KU Stadium
  • J. Iluhun (Student Dormitory)
  • K. Gymnasium
  • L. Student Union Bldg. B (Outdoor Theater)
  • M. Founder's Tomb
  • N. KU:L House Global Hall (Student Dormitory)
  • O. Arts & Crafts Bldg.
  • P. Gymnasium for KU Middle and High Schools

Map of KU Neighborhood

map of KU neighborhood

Transportation to Konkuk’s Main Campus in Seoul

KU's main campus is located in the southeastern part of Seoul near the Han River. The university is easily accessible from Incheon International Airport and downtown Seoul by public transportation.

From Incheon International Airport
Airport Limousine Bus

The most convenient way to reach KU from Incheon International Airport is by the limousine bus. Limousine Bus #6013 is available every 30–40 minutes from 6:15 a.m. to 10:55 p.m for ₩10,000. Most up-to-date information is available on the airport’s website and at the passenger terminal on the first floor, where tickets can be purchased. The rides to KU from Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 take approximately 70 minutes and 90 minutes, respectively, depending on traffic. Please get off at the Konkuk University stop.


The Airport Railroad Express (AREX) connects Incheon International Airport and Seoul Station. Both non-stop and all-stop trains are available. You may take the all-stop AREX train to Hongik University station, then transfer to Line 2 to reach Konkuk University station.


Taxi rides from the airport will cost approximately ₩70,000 without traffic. Rates are higher for “deluxe taxis (모범택시)” in black. Passengers are responsible for toll fees.

From Gimpo International Airport

The most convenient way to reach KU from Gimpo International Airport is to take the subway.

From the airport, take either the Airport Railroad Express (AREX) or Subway Line 5 (purple). When taking AREX, transfer at Hongik University station to Line 2 and arrive at Konkuk University station. If taking Subway Line 5, there are many stations available for transfer, including Yeongdeungpo-gu Office, Chungjeongno, Euljiro 4-ga, Dongdaemun History & Culture Park, and Wangsimni, stations to Line 2 as well as Gunja station to Line 7.


Taxi rides from the airport will cost approximately ₩30,000 without traffic. Rates are higher for “deluxe taxis (모범택시)” in black.

Within Seoul

Many buses stop at Konkuk University.

Bus Stop Bus Number
Konkuk University Station
(Near Lotte Department Store)
240, 721, 2222, 2224, 3500
Konkuk University Hospital
240, 721, 2016, 2222, 3217, 3220, 3500, 4212
Konkuk University
(Near Ilgam Gate and KU Veterinary Hospital)
2223, 3220
Konkuk University
(Close to Konkuk Gate and KU Stadium)
119, 302, 3216

The main campus in Seoul is adjacent to the Konkuk University Station, which is serviced by Line 2 (Green) and Line 7 (Olive). For Subway Line 2, go out from Exit 2 and cross the first intersection, walk straight ahead, and Konkuk University Medical Center will be on your left. If you take Line 7, go out from Exit 4, take a left turn, then walk straight till you reach the main entrance of the campus. You can also get off at Children’s Grand Park Station on Line 7, go out from Exit 3, and walk straight until see the Konkuk Gate on your right.


There are several types of taxis in Seoul with varying rates. Almost all taxis are equipped with GPS devices, but showing a Konkuk University map will be helpful.

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