August 17. 2021
Prof. Moohee Lee Leads the Korean Delegations to the First Place on the International Physics Olympiad
Professor Moohee Lee from Department of Physics at College of Sciences, Konkuk University, led five Korean students and participated as a team leader at the ‘51st International Physics Olympiad (IPhO), contributing to the best performance with gold medals for all Korean delegations.

The IPhO was held online from July 17th to 24th with 368 participants from 76 countries. All the Korean representatives received gold medals and shared the first place with the United States, China and Russia.

Kyungmin Kim, one of the Korean delegations, won all three top gold medals in theory, experiment and overall section.

Professor Lee said, “Under the leadership of me and my teaching assistant, Ph.D. Hyuk Kim, the Korean delegations were intensively trained on the weekends at Konkuk University since May 1st,” adding, “We will make our best efforts to continuously discover and cultivate science talents with potential.”