August 24. 2021
Konkuk University Student Council Runs the Metaverse ‘Water Campus’
Konkuk University Student Council (President Kangeun Kim) runs ‘Konkuk Universe: Water Campus’, a metaverse composed of special summer vacation content, from 23rd to 27th.

Metaverse, a compound word for ‘meta’ meaning artificial and abstract, and ‘universe’ meaning the real word, is a form of virtual world such as the web and the Internet reflecting the real world. In last May, Konkuk University Student Council has been praised for organizing an event where students can visit the virtual campus on metaverse and enjoy various contents, and the ‘Water Campus’ is the following event.

On ‘Konkuk Universe’, the metavermese virtual campus, it shares three-dimensional buildings, roads and Ilgamho on campus, and students can create their own ‘Avatar’ characters once they download and login to PC or mobile version (ios, Android) of programs. The Avatars can freely move around the metaverse campus, visit buildings on campus and play games.

The special summer vacation content on the metaverse includes △‘Escape Room Season 2’ with new quizzes and stories △’Water Battle’, the action game around Ilgamho △’Fishing Boat’, the fishing game on a boat at Ilgamho △’Survival at Wowdo’, the mini survival game avoiding obstacles.

Kangeun Kim, the President of Konkuk University Student Council, said, “We have additionally planned the content to follow up the ‘Konkuk Universe’ held in last May during the festival as it had such great feedbacks,” adding, “Despite the COVID-19 and social distancing, we hope that everyone can relieve their stress and enjoy the content in the world of metaverse.”