July 09. 2021
Konkuk University and KIAST Sign Joint Research MOU on Urban Air Mobility
Konkuk University announced on the 9th that it has signed a MOU with KIAST on UAM and aviation.

In the signing ceremony on the 5th at the grand meeting hall in the administration building, the university officials including President Young Jae Jeon, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Soo Hyung Park and Director of Konkuk Aerospace Design · Airworthiness Research Institute (KADA), Jae Woo Lee, and officials of KIAST including President Yeon Myung Kim, Director of Planning & Innovation Division, Chang Soo Lee and Director of Aviation Certification Division, Yong Hoon Choi participated.

The two institutions will implement joint R&D, train professional talents, discover national policies and business opportunities, and exchange and cooperate on human resources on UAM and aviation based on the signed MOU.

UAM, the major field of the two institutions’ industry-academia cooperation and a core technology for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, is drawing attention as a new type of transportation system that can solve problems of future urban transportation by connecting eVTOL technology and automatic aviation technology based on artificial intelligence (AI). In order to establish and operate UAM, various at home and abroad corporations and institutions such as Airbus, Rolls-Royce, Porsche, Boeing, Uber, Korean Air, Hyundai Motors and Hanwha Systems are showing more interest in it.

KADA, the leading department of the agreement, has conducted researches on aircraft and operation for unmanned aerial vehicles and UAM, AI-based autonomous flight technology and Digital Twin to implement Twin as reality in the digital virtual world following the trend. Konkuk University has received 6.7 billion won in three phases of nine years by 2029 through the Ministry of Education’s support project for university-focused research institutes in science and engineering under the theme of ‘Research on AI-based Digital Twin Technology for Smart Urban Air Mobility’ since 2020. In addition, KADA has been nominated by the President of Konkuk University for continuous development from November, 2020.

Director Jae Woo Lee at KADA said, “Through the MOU, we expect the synergy effect in the development of core technology and talent training in the UAM industry,” adding, “We will make the best efforts to make KADA a cornerstone to rival leading at home and abroad research institutes.”