Prof. Ki Chul Kim’s Research is Selected as a Cover for International Journal
in Material Science
A research paper on high-capacity battery organic anode materials of lithium-ion by Prof. Ki Chul Kim’s team from Division of Chemical Engineering at Konkuk University’s College of Engineering was published as a cover of the latest issue of Advanced Functional Materials, an authoritative international journal in the field of material science. (Image 1) (Thesis title: Unraveling three-stage discharging behaviors of bio-inspired organic cathode materials)
Prof. Kim’s team creatively designed bio-organic molecules (DNA, RNA), which attracted little to none attention due to weak redox, and discovered that lithium-ion batteries show excellent performance as organic anode materials. (Image 2, Image 3) In this research, the team explained the redox characteristics of biological organic molecules through the correlation between tissue energy, charging energy and melting energy, and it was found that the discharge process includes “three stage-discharge behaviors”. The research has great significance in that it has newly identified the correlation between redox characteristics of organic anode materials and presented experimental guidelines for developing high-performance biological organic anode materials.

Goo Hyun Jung (master’s degree) in Division of Chemical Engineering, as the first author, and Prof. Ki Chul Kim from Division of Chemical Engineering, as the corresponding author, contributed in the thesis. The study was conducted with the support of the Korea Research Foundation’s mid-sized researcher support project.