Konkuk University Introduces Customized AI Tutor System for Freshmen…
Diagnosis and Support System for Basic Learning
Konkuk University announced on the 14th that they will introduce ‘Dr. KU AI Tutor System’ which provides an AI-based basic learning service so that freshmen can smoothly continue their major courses after admission.

The ‘Dr. KU AI Tutor System’ is a customized learning content curation system for improving learning ability by diagnosing one’s basic learning skills required by each department and suggesting ideas for shortcomings in accordance with the results.

A total of 5 courses were selected as basic courses and freshmen can proceed diagnosis required by each department for the following courses; ‘Probability and Statistics(10:00~10:50), Differential Calculus(11:00~12:00), Physics(13:00~13:40) and Life Science(15:00~15:40) by logging in the system on the 24th(Thur).

After the diagnostic assessment, freshmen can individually check their grading offered by the Dr. KU AI Tutor System and be provided with recommendations for related courses of 1 credit as well as video lecture services for wrong answers. Moreover, they will be recommended for similar and enhanced questions for mathematics through the AI recommendation algorithm.

In addition to the services, the Dr. KU AI Tutor System helps students in the College of Sciences and Engineering strengthen their basic learning abilities by providing statistics, diagnosis and management functions.

The Dean of Institute for Innovative Education, Soo Hyung Park said, “We have introduced the system to improve the situations for freshmen who are struggling or giving up with courses for sciences and engineering,” adding, “We will keep building educational environment that focuses on fostering convergence talents based on the individual’s level.”