2022 New Year Celebration…
“Preparing for the 100th Anniversary of Konkuk with Innovation”
Konkuk University Foundation held ‘2022 New Year Celebration’ on the 3rd and promised renovation, innovation and cooperation for the 100th Anniversary of Konkuk at Prime Hall, Student Union Building.

According to the COVID-19 quarantine guidelines, only vaccinated people were allowed to attend the New Year Celebration. About 80 people who are vaccinated including Chairman Ja Eun Yoo, the Foundation officials, President Young Jae Jeon, University Council officials, professors, Konkuk University Middle School and High School, Konkuk University Medical Center, Konkuk University Chungju Hospital, Konkuk Dairy & Ham, The Classic 500, KU Golf Pavilion and affiliated institutions attended for the new beginning and innovation.
Chairman Ja Eun Yoo said in the New Year Ceremony that, “Konkuk University Foundation will focus on promoting the four development plans announced in 2021 substantially this year,” and “With the new missions of the school foundation, we will make our best effort for the 100th Anniversary of Konkuk.” Chairman Yoo presented the achievements of the affiliated institutions and the four strategies of the school foundation (strengthening KU brand, promoting ESG management, launching new profitable businesses, building a shared growth system for affiliated institutions) despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Proposing ‘Again Konkuk’ as the keyword of 2022 Konkuk University Foundation, Chairman Yoo said, “For the leap of Konkuk and the 100th Anniversary through innovation, I want every member of Konkuk to keep in mind one’s pride and sense of mission,” and, “We have to reform the old routines without hesitation and actively adapt to the rapidly changing digital era.”

Followed by the statement, Chairman Yoo emphasized ‘sense of community’. “The social inequality and individualism caused by the pandemic should be overcome by sense of community,” adding, “All members of Konkuk must realize that they are a part of the community and find ways for cooperation and mutual development leading the future society,” said Chairman Yoo.

Chairman Yoo also stressed ‘flexible’ and ‘inclusive’ attitude, saying that, “Konkuk University Foundation introduced ESG management for the first time in Korea to actively respond to the fast-changing era,” and, “Amid the changes in the national policies and the COVID-19 pandemic, Konkuk University Foundation will go forward for the future with all members of Konkuk.”

President Jeon started the New Year Celebration by addressing previous achievements of last year such as the reputation ranking by Joongang Daily Newspaper, immersive media university, establishing various learning environments. Later, President Jeon said, “These achievements would not have been possible without the harmony and communication of the members despite the COVID-19 crisis.”
“We have established the vision of ‘PIONEER KONKUK 2025’, the development strategies that Konkuk members can implement independently and systematically, for the 100th Anniversary of its foundation in 2031 inheriting the founding spirit and ultimately becoming an innovative university,” and, “Our plan is to make a stepping-stone for the ‘World’s Top 100 Universities’ by entering the top 10 universities in Korea and the world’s top 200 universities without settling for university evaluations that rely on external standards,” said President Jeon.

To achieve the vision, President Jeon presented 7 development areas and 83 concrete and organized missions; innovative talent, future research, digital transformation, ESG management, education, research, industry-academic cooperation, management and student identity. All Konkuk members including students, professors and staffs are allowed to actively participate in this mission of future university development and lead the innovation.

President Jeon stated, “The development strategy is comprised of keywords such as ‘future’ and ‘innovation’ with specific tasks in order to inherit the founding spirit and prepare for the 100th Anniversary of Konkuk,” and, “From the new year of 2022, let’s continue the ‘100 years of Konkuk University’ through challenges in which all members share and practive these development goals and tasks.”

Followed by the opening speech, the video addressed by the head of the affiliated institution, commendation for excellent institutions and staffs and commemorative photos were held on the day of New Year Celebration.