KU Newsletter june2021 A history of leadership

Konkuk University Opens Up Hybrid Classroom ‘KU All-Line Hub’

Konkuk University held its opening ceremony on the 29th for the cutting edge lecture room ‘KU All-Line Hub’ that allows automatic recording and real-time online classes for the post-COVID era.

KU All-Line Hub is a new type of lecture room designed as a part of education environment improvement business by Commission for University Innovation Project. The lecture rooms are built in 14 different places in 13 colleges while automatic recording and real-time online classes are available. It was named ‘KU All-Line Hub’ meaning the combination of on-line and off-line classes.

President Jeon stated in the ceremony that, “KU All-Line Hub will increase the level of satisfaction for both faculty and students in that it can provide high-quality online classes when online classes are essentially required,” adding, “At a time when various learning methods are being developed in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, KU All-Line Hub, an interactive learning space for communication, will play a leading role to connect teachers and students.”

Young-Ok Nam, the Director of Center for Teaching and Learning, also gave a lecture demonstration. KU All-Line Hub supports a variety of online classes with electronic blackboards, instructors’ cameras and monitors, recorders and AV devices. Director Nam presented future oriented learning environment sharing the usage of new equipment and learning methods. Besides KU All-Line Hub, Commission for University Innovation Project established new facilities throughout education environment improvement business. The commission built an open group reading room in Sanghuh Memorial Library and a graduate lecture and seminar room in Sanghuh Research Center. Moreover, it constructed a new studio in the KU Startup zone in Chang-ui Building where video filming is available.

For more information about KU All-Line Hub and new facilities, please visit the noticeboard in the website of Commission for University Innovation Project.