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KU Graduate School of Business Opens the First ‘Human Resources and Labor Management MBA’ in Korea
Providing field-oriented • global standard education

Konkuk University Graduate School of Business operates a specialized curriculum to cultivate global and next-generation executives with digital innovation capabilities. The curriculum offers ‘KU MBA’, a program that combines knowledge of management theory and practical skills, and ‘Digital Transformation MBA’, an education program for innovative executives in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Also, the Graduate School of Business recently opened up 'Human Resources and Labor Management MBA' program for the first time in Korea to train professionals specialized in human resources organizations. A staff at Konkuk University explained, “We offer the nation’s highest level of ‘global standard MBA education’.”

Focus on field-oriented education

Konkuk University Graduate School of Business focuses on field-oriented practical education. Students are required to submit fieldwork assignments for most major courses and learn decision-making and problem-solving skills applicable to the field. Another characteristic of the curriculum is joint lecture system by field executives in all major courses.

All KU MBA students will be required to take ‘Fieldwork Research’ (4.5 credits) before graduation. Throughout this course, students will experience developing management cases and going over the decision-making process in depth. As of now, about 100 management cases have been accumulated under this course.

Junior student will participate in classes with management cases developed by senior students. One of the staffs said, “We are making efforts to become the first ‘Case Center’ in Korea disseminating high-quality management cases over the globe by publishing cases at home and abroad.”

KU MBA holds annual ‘Case Festival’ to enhance educational culture at working level. In this festival, students deeply analyze the management issues and serve as CEOs proposing solutions.

Seniors and juniors can experience creative learning in groups. The education effect focusing on fieldwork is recognized in ‘MBA Case Competition’ and won 9 awards including the ones by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy since 2012.

At least 9 out of 10 students receiving scholarships

KU MBA is famous for its active discussion session between professors and students. It has opened up small-sized classes optimized for participatory education where students can proactively discuss and present their ideas. Konkuk University has reorganized the ‘MOT MBA’, which was first established in Korea about 10 years ago, into ‘Digital Transformation MBA’, and it is acknowledged for intensive growth of digital capabilities.

Konkuk University Graduate School of Business is rich in scholarship, as well. Konkuk University provides scholarships of 35% of total tuition fees for every semester. Scholarships of up to 50% of tuition fees shall be given according to the evaluation at the time of admission, and up to 80% of tuition fees shall be paid depending on the grade of the student. 95% of the admitted and enrolled students receive scholarships.

KU MBA students can graduate within 2 years attending school once a weekend. Due to the spread of COVID-19, the school holds both online and offline classes. The school explains that it would be a great help for current works who are passionate about their academic learning amid the busy lives.