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Konkuk University and Gwangjin-gu Office Opens ‘Pet School’ for Pet Owners

Konkuk University announced on the 16th that it runs a demonstration project ‘Pet School for Pet Owners’ on May 3rd to strengthen bonding between pets and pet owners and build a society where they can happily coexist.

This project is proceeded by adopting an idea of ‘Compulsory Education for Pet Raising’ by students from Department of Political Science to solve the regional issues at Gwangjin-gu.

The Pet School provides education for pet owners and prospective pet owners who are planning to adopt pets. It is supported by Gwangjin-gu and Seoul City, and led by Konkuk University Bio Healing Convergence Major, 3R Animal Welfare Research Institute and Campus Town Project Group. Supported by Konkuk Dairy & Ham and Pet & Nutrition, the Pet School offers lectures from various experts including veterinarians, animal welfare experts, pet behavior experts, pet aromatherapists, animal-mediated psychological counselor and etc.

The lectures help prospective pet owners to welcome their pets through prior knowledge education necessary for raising them. The basic health care education provided by veterinarians, socialization and etiquette education by pet behavior experts and dog welfare education by animal welfare experts shall be provided. Based on the relationship between pets and owners taught by animal welfare experts, experts in each field will provide education on massage and aromatherapy, dog problem behavior caused by relationships, pet loss syndrome and education on life-cycle disease management taught by veterinarians.

The Pet School will begin recruiting on a first-come, first-served basis on the 19th, and will be held three times in May, July, and September with real-time online (zoom) education, and a certificate of completion will be awarded if the test is passed. In order to support the pet owners striving for better pet raising, various souvenirs such as pet snacks, pet soap and functional pet bucket will be provided. The education is available for Gwangjin-gu residents as well as members at Konkuk University.

Professor Jin Soo Han from Department of Bio Healing Convergence, who is in charge of the education, said, “The Pet School has its significance in that the policies for the local community are suggested by Konkuk University students, and Konkuk University and Gwangjin-gu Office have cooperated to realize the policies. We expect to plan a variety of cooperative projects in the future,” emphasizing that, “We believe that the Pet School programs will be a stepping stone for both humans and animals."