KU Newsletter (june 2016)
KU Participates in the 2016 Environmental Technology & Green Energy Exhibition

From May 31, Konkuk University (KU) participated in the 2016 Environmental Technology & Green Energy Exhibition at the Coex Center in Seoul, and showcased research on technologies to monitor pollution. Along with 30 or so organizations, KU has been part of the R&D Center for Green Patrol Technologies, a large-scale initiative supported by the Ministry of Environment and the Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute (KEITI). The center was created in December 2014 to promote collaboration among universities, research institutes, and the industry in developing a system to monitor pollution in real time and warn potential environmental damage. Through the center, KU is expected to receive 72.4 billion won in funding until April 2021.

KU is focusing on improving sensing technologies, which are critical to timely responses against environmental disasters, to a globally competitive level. So far, the university has developed technologies related to non-dispersive instruments, UV-differential optical absorption spectroscopy, tunable diode laser spectroscopy, and desolvation systems for toxic compounds. In the process, KU has also obtained patents in the United States and Japan.

At the exhibition, Professor Jo Chun Kim of the Department of Environmental Engineering demonstrated various equipment and technologies to detect air and water pollution to Minister of Environment Seong-kyu Yoon and KEITI President Yong-Joo Kim and had an opportunity to discuss his future research plans. “With Konkuk University’s Research and University-Industry Cooperation Foundation, I hope to contribute to increasing Korea’s capacity in developing environmental monitoring technologies for sustainability,” he said.