KU Newsletter (june 2016)
KU Research Team to Join a Medical and Biotechnology Project by the Government

On May 31, Konkuk University (KU) announced that a research team led by Professor Jung Hyang Sur was selected for the 2016 Medical and Biotechnology Development Project by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning. One of the ministry’s flagship R&D projects, it focuses on developing technologies in the areas of pharmaceuticals, stem cells, genetics, and medical science. The research team is expected to receive 1 billion won annually for five years from the government as a result.

This year, 19 research teams were selected for two subprojects—one on immune mechanism and another on the next generation of applied omics. In addition to the KU research team, a team from Seoul National University led by Professor Je Yoel Cho of the College of Veterinary Medicine are to study diagnostic technologies that could be applied to both pets and human beings as part of the latter subproject. The KU team plans to apply multi-omics and analyze DNA, trancriptome, and proteome.

A collaboration between academia, research, and industry, Professors Jae Ho Cheong and Sangwoo Kim of Yonsei University as well as Boditech Med Inc., a company that produces diagnostics analyzers, will be participating in the study with the KU research team. Aiming to find diagnostic marks for both human beings and pets and commercialize them, the research is expected improve their health.